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At Sprout Kids Yoga & Mindfulness we promote the development and happiness of your child through yoga and mindfulness.

Sprout offers an imaginative, uplifting, and communal experience in a positive therapeutic environment that helps our mini-yogis reach their full potential. We incorporate stories, music and games to learn poses, sequences and relaxation techniques.

Our mission is to provide a family-friendly child-based yoga practice that supports children of all needs by promoting movement and boosting self-esteem - fostering a healthy, happy, and balanced life on and off the mat.



Carolina Moreno is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist who is fluent in English and Spanish. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology with a bilingual extension from Columbia University. Carolina has years of experience in the evaluation and treatment of children with a variety of communication disorders and delays.

Daniella Portuondo is a licensed bilingual Occupational Therapist who is fluent in English and Spanish. She graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor’s in Speech- Language Pathology and received her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Florida International University. Daniella’s pediatric experience includes  evaluation and treatment of children focusing on fine motor skills and sensory integration.


Carolina’s speech therapy background offers a unique and engaging way to connect movement and speech-language development skills. While Daniella’s deep understanding of developmental milestones, kinesthetics, and sensory integration, offers a holistic break down of Sprout’s core foundation - the mind and body. At Sprout we offer yoga-based exercises for improving: pre-linguistic communication, play skills, breath support for speech, motor planning, vocabulary development, fine and gross motor coordination skills, language skills, sensory integration, and emergent literacy skills.

Our founders are certified kids yoga teachers who have taught in a variety of settings including: private studio(s) in New York and Los Angeles, schools, daycare centers, camps, private events/parties, etc.



Sprout incorporates yoga and mindfulness exercises in order to promote and strengthen:

focus, attention and concentration

self-esteem and confidence

self-control and relaxation techniques

physical strength and flexibility

coordination and balance

sensory integration and language development

union between the mind and body

the nervous, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, skeletal and muscular systems